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Three Reasons to Make a Long Term Care Plan

Nov-05-2019 | aging in place, Alzheimer's Care, Caregiver Service, Dementia Care, Elderly Care, In Home Care, Long Term Care, Senior Care Services,

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Aging tends to sneak up on all of us. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a plan for how to account for the care you or your loved one may need over the long-term. In fact, planning for long term care can help you maintain the lifestyle you’re used to. Here are three reasons why you or your loved one should create a long term care plan.

Long-Term Care Insurance Does Not Account for Everything

Many people obtain long-term care insurance as a way of planning for their long term care needs. And while it does have many benefits, you or your loved one should plan for what it does not cover such as:

· Who will be a caregiver?

· Will any family members who become caregivers need to leave or take an absence from their job?

· Who pays for expenses not covered by long term care insurance?

You Can Choose Where You Want to Be

Planning for your long term needs in advance means that you can choose whether you want to stay in your home. If maintaining your independence at home is a concern as you age, consider hiring an agency that provides in-home care services into your plan.

In home care agencies employ caregivers that help seniors maintain their independence at home by helping to cook and clean around the house, drive to appointments, and help with bathing and dressing. Even if you plan to have a family member be a caregiver, in home care providers may be able to help when a family member is unavailable.

Guard Against the Unexpected

Life has a way of throwing curveballs when we least expect them. When you plan for your own long term care or that of your loved ones, it helps make an unexpected hospitalization health challenge, or other concern a little easier to navigate. Often, unexpected events lead to disagreements among family members about what happens next. By making a long term care plan now, you will reduce the likelihood of disagreements and make sure the person in need of care gets what they want.

Planning for the future comes with its own challenges, especially where getting older is concerned. But making a plan for long term care including whether or not you need in home care is one way to make aging a fact rather than a challenge that seems insurmountable.

Polish Care Services provides trained and experienced caregivers to assist seniors in their home or care facilities. Call 860-255-8278 to see how our caregivers can assist you or your loved one. We accept various payment methods, including long-term insurance for live in or hourly care to assist seniors with in home care needs.

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