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Elderly Assistance Services in Orange, CT

Polish Care Services offers a comprehensive selection of home senior support services in Orange, CT to aid both seniors and their families. We understand the difficulties that arise when looking after an elderly loved one and strive to alleviate these challenges through the provision of compassionate, and nurturing professionals. Our staff members are dedicated to providing top-notch, personalized support within the comfort of the senior’s home or live-in assistance facility. The service options include hourly, overnight, or live-in assistance services, enabling seniors to maintain a comfortable lifestyle at home or in a live-in facility of their choice.


Types of Services We Offer for Seniors in Orange, CT

As a reputable homemaker companion agency serving Orange, Connecticut, our mission is to help seniors in preserving their independence and enhance their quality of life, while simultaneously offering families a sense of security. Recognizing that every senior has unique needs, we customize our in-home senior support services to fit the specific requirements, preferences, and individual circumstances of each senior.

The types of elderly support services we can provide are:

1. Hourly Elderly Assistance in Orange, CT

Our professionals will make daily visits to your elderly loved one, usually for a specified number of hours, to offer companionship and help with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and basic housekeeping tasks. Our professionals will serve as a friend, offering conversation and emotional support. The schedule and length of the hourly visits can be adjusted to fit the individual’s needs and schedule.

2. Overnight Elderly Assistance in Orange, CT

An overnight companion will be present with the senior to offer personal support services and guarantee their safety during nighttime hours. This form of support is suitable for elderly individuals who need support during the night, but do not require constant attention during the day.

3. Live-in Support in Orange, CT

A live-in support will reside in the senior’s home to offer 24-hour attention and support. If you or a loved one requires ongoing support with daily tasks and non-medical needs and struggles to live independently, our specialized live-in elderly assistance service may be the perfect solution. The live-in companion will provide companionship and also assist with bathing, dressing, etc.

You can reach out to us for long-term elderly support services in Orange, Connecticut. Each form of service has its own advantages, and it’s crucial to factor in the senior’s health status, mobility level, and other relevant elements when determining the most suitable type of elderly support.

Our Duties

Our professionals perform various tasks such as:

1. Daily Life Assistance: Our highly trained and empathetic elderly support providers can help with daily personal tasks such as getting dressed, bathing, grooming, using the bathroom, etc.

2. Companion : We can offer friendship, engaging conversation, and emotional support to seniors who may experience loneliness or isolation.

3. Preparing Meal: We can also cook nutritious and appetizing meals to accommodate the dietary needs and preferences of your elderly loved one, ensuring they get the proper nutrition they require.

4. Medication Reminders: Our Polish Care Services staff who serve Orange, CT can remind seniors to take their medications and ensure that they are taking them at the correct dosage.

5. Transportation: Our team can offer transportation services to appointments, social activities, errands, community centers, and shopping centers.

6. Light Housekeeping: Additionally, we can help with light household tasks such as dusting, washing dishes, doing laundry, and more.

If you’re in search of a trustworthy homemaker companion agency that serves Orange, CT, look no further! Contact us today by calling us at (860)-255-8278 or by filling out our online form. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is here to answer any questions you may have and assist you in determining the ideal senior support plan for your elderly loved one.

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