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Hire An Independent Caregiver

At Polish Care Services, we understand that finding the right caregiver for your loved one is an important decision. That's why we offer a referral service that gives you the flexibility to hire a caregiver directly while still benefiting from our expertise and support.

With our referral service, you can access a pool of experienced and qualified independent caregivers who have undergone comprehensive background and reference checks. You have the freedom to choose the caregiver who best fits your loved one's needs and preferences, and you'll be their manager, responsible for their day-to-day activities and scheduling.

As a consultant, the Polish Care Services caregiver agency works with you to provide guidance and support, answering any questions you have and helping you navigate any challenges that may arise. We'll also provide backup coverage in the event that your caregiver needs time off, goes on vacation, or if you experience a caregiver turnover.

Choosing our referral service gives you the best of both worlds: the personal attention and control of hiring an independent caregiver, along with the expertise and support of a trusted caregiver agency. Contact us today to learn more about our referral service and how we can help you find the right caregiver for your loved one.

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