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Prepare: Rooms in Your Home for an Elderly Loved One to Move In elderly home

Jun-21-2019 | aging in place, Caregiver Service, Dementia Care, Elderly Care, In Home Care, Long Term Care, Polish Care Services, Senior Care Services,

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If you have an elderly loved one in your life who has reached a stage of being unable to safely live alone, it is a kind and loving gesture to open up your elderly home to take them in. This may be an alternate means to manage costs, and with a caregiver service, still manage the quality of care care that is required. Bringing any roommate into your home requires some changes. So, here are tips on how to get your home ready for your elderly loved.

Decide Where the Bedroom Will Be

You need to decide first which bedroom is best for them to use. In a two-story home, you will want to put their bedroom downstairs to avoid the stairs if possible. According to Science Direct, stairway falls represent a high percentage of falls and often result in severe injury. If avoiding the stairs isn’t an option, there are things that you can do to make them safer. Make sure that you have a sturdy handrail, and replace any carpet that is high fiber or slippery. You should install light switches at both the top and bottom of the stairs to ensure that they are well lit.

Bedroom Preparations

Once you have figured out which bedroom your loved one will use, you need to make the bedroom as safe as possible. The height of the bed matters when your body is less agile. Make sure that they can easily sit on the edge of the bed with their feet planted on the ground. You also want to arrange the furniture so that the room has spacious walkways, especially if a walker or cane is being used. Remove all rugs to avoid tripping, and add ample light to illuminate the room. With a few simple adjustments and modifications, this room can be a safe and relaxing retreat for your loved one.

Make Your Bathroom Safe

The bathroom can be one of the most dangerous rooms in your house. Depending on the setup of your bathroom, consider a complete remodel if it’s in your budget. Instead of a traditional bathtub/shower combo, you could install a walk-in shower with a seat and handrails. There are even showers that are curbless, meaning you do not need to step over anything to walk into the shower. Regardless of your setup, make sure that you have no-slip mats in the shower, bathtub, and around the bathroom floor. According to the Toiletsman, you may also want to consider raising the height of your toilet and installing handrails next to it. Lowering your body down and up can often be challenging and dangerous for an aging senior.

Living Room Adjustments

Like other rooms in your home, your living room may possibly need a few modifications as well. The primary objective is safety and comfort; look at the flooring and make sure there is nothing in the walkways that would be a tripping hazard, including rug corners, cords, and miscellaneous décor. Falling is the leading cause of injury in the elderly, so it is important to create safe walkways in every area of your house. Make sure that you have adequate lighting in your living room and that it is easy for your loved one to access. Install switches and dimmers near each entrance into your living space — a well-lit area is a safer space.

Once your home has been modified for your loved one, consider hiring a home care service to come in and help, especially if you still must go to work during the day. Companies like Polish Care Services will come to your home and provide a number of helpful services including personal care, cleaning, and even just companionship. With the right preparation and a little help, you will be able to provide a nurturing and safe home for your elderly loved one.

Credit: June Duncan

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