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Helping Seniors During Seasonal Changes

Sep-17-2018 | Alzheimer's Care, Caregiver Service, Elderly Care, In Home Care, Long Term Care, Senior Care Services,

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The seasonal changing is one of many challenges, seniors face as they progress in years. However caregivers, family members and community can offer support that helps gives seniors the right perspective to handle the transitions that occur four times each calendar year.

Transitioning into Winter

One of the primary effect on the elderly is the transition to winter. Some cause factors are:

• Loved ones visit and socializing becomes less frequent.

• Grandchildren have less time for grandma or grandpa, as they become more immersed in school activities.

• The weather becomes colder and more unpleasant.

• The weather creates more dangerous and stressful situations.

• Preparation and extra work is needed to keep the home safe and comfortable.

• Winter helps to trigger mood and health changes, and oftentimes exacerbates mental, health and physical conditions.

How Do We Help as the Seasons Change

Although all seasonal change may be challenging for seniors and their caregivers; the transition into winter is especially important to navigate with mindfulness and care.

Here are some of the things that can be done to assist your aging loved one to have an easier transition into the colder months of the year:

Discuss the Changes
We all know that the seasonal change is around the corner, and we all have feelings about it. Openly, discuss the seasonal change, and encourage talk about the challenges that are about to present themselves. This openness and acknowledgment can ease the transition considerably.

Help Prepare
Make sure warm clothing and extra blankets, are always around and that your loved one is prepared to handle the winter’s cold – make sure the house is insulated and winterized; create and use a checklist to ensure that nothing stands in the way of keeping the home comfortable during the winter months.

The winter can be a cold, lonely time, but it’s also a time when people get together more frequently to celebrate. Make sure your senior loved ones gets a chance to take part in the celebrations, too; although the weather is getting cold, the warmth of good company and celebration can make the most difficult winter days easier to endure.

More Help With the Changing Seasons

Learn more about how to help seniors through seasonal changes. Call Polish Care Services or visit today at 860-255-8278 for your FREE consultation!

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