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Caring for Seniors: Technologies to Make Seniors Life Easier

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Technology has made life easier for everyone, including seniors. And it’s not simply limited to smartphones with accessibility options, either. There are a variety of devices and applications designed to help assist older loved ones with many issues. This post offers an overview of technology options available to seniors and their families.


For seniors who live alone or have dementia or Alzheimer’s, knowing where they are is crucial. GPS services like Find my Phone on iOS are sharable with family members or caregivers. If a loved one falls while out on a walk, the GPS on the phone can indicate an issue. Smartwatches like Apple Watch now also feature fall detection. If wandering is a concern, GPS trackers come in the form of wristbands. Trackers can be put in bags and in items of clothing, and they connect to apps that can be remotely monitored by a family member or caregiver.

Medication Management

Medication management is a common challenge for seniors, even if a long-term caregiver sets out medications in advance. Automatic medication dispensers are programmed to dispense and remind seniors to take medications at the appropriate time. This is a great option for older loved ones who have a part-time caregiver.


Cameras that are accessible via smartphone are a crucial tool in the prevention of elder abuse. Family members can set them up to watch over loved ones and make sure are safe at home. Live-in caregivers can also be granted access to them to watch over their clients in another room.


Health tracking has been made so much easier with smartphone applications. In addition to built-in health apps on smartphones, seniors can download specialty apps like Kardia Mobile to take an EKG of their heart and send it to their doctor. Other devices like insulin meters can also be monitored via Bluetooth on a smartphones.

In addition to health, seniors can do all sorts of things with their smartphone. They can keep up with religious activities, have apps read books to them, and stay informed with a multitude of news apps.

Technology is a good first step to help monitor a senior if they aren’t ready for a caregiver. When your loved one needs a little more help than technology alone can provide, consider hiring a caregiver from Polish Care Services. Reach out today to learn more about our services!

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