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Resources to Help Seniors Who Have Few Relatives Nearby

Caring for Seniors: Social Activities for Seniors

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Social activities for seniors have many benefits including improving wellbeing. But engaging them is not always easy. Seniors may become depressed as they age due to loneliness and isolation. This post examines some benefits of social activities and the kinds of activities seniors can get involved in, including those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Benefits of Social Activities for Seniors

When seniors participate in social activities they can live longer. Participation in activities can lead to the formation of friendships and result in happiness. Happier seniors are not stressed, and they may live healthier lifestyles with friends around to encourage them. Their health also tends to be better, in general, because being physically and mentally engaged helps to boost mood and reduces the likelihood of becoming depressed.

Activity Ideas


Joining a walking group helps older adults stay physically fit and helps them make friends at the same time. Groups can be found online through Meetup or Facebook and through local resources like a senior center. A senior fitness center is another idea. These gyms cater to the older demographic. They provide motivation to help stay physically active while offering the opportunity to socialize.

Programs at the Senior Center

Senior centers have many activities for older adults to try whether that is cooking, playing games, a book club, or gardening. These activities all lend themselves to socialization for seniors.

Active Games

Getting outside and playing a game of tennis, golf, volleyball, or pickleball gets endorphins going. It’s also the perfect way to invite a friend to join or to find someone new to play a game with.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Activities

Memory Boxes

Creating a memory box is an idea that helps seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia connect with their past life and engage their minds. Simply grab a box of any type and fill it with objects from hobbies or previous jobs. It can be done in a group setting.

Cut Pictures From Magazines

This is an activity that lends itself to doing it with a friend or a group. Cut pictures from magazines and calendars that reflect an interest for the person. Use them to create a scrapbook.

Play Cards

Large format playing cards are easy to read. Play go fish or blackjack alone or with a caregiver.

In-home caregivers can help promote socialization for seniors through activities as well as conversation. To learn more about the care services Polish Care Services provides reach out to us today!

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