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Caring for Seniors: Preventing Slips and Falls in Seniors

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Managing slips and falls at home are some of the biggest concerns for seniors and their families during long term care at home. Fortunately, these incidents are preventable. This post talks about the steps that should be taken to keep seniors from falling at home with tips for family members and caregivers.

See a Doctor

The first step to preventing falls at home is to schedule an appointment with a senior’s doctor. Make sure to cover concerns such as:

– Some medications put seniors at an increased risk for falls. Making some changes may help lessen the risk. Bring a list of medications with you and ask the doctor to review it.

* Discuss any history of falls to help the doctor determine what fall prevention measures can be taken.

* Talk about how you feel when you walk. Do you feel dizzy when you walk, short of breath, have numbness, or joint pain? These can increase the risk for falls.

How to Prevent Slips and Falls at Home

Prevent slips and falls at home by following common-sense rules like wearing the correct footwear. Shoes that have nonskid soles, are sturdy, and fit properly indoors and outside will go a long way towards fall prevention. Wearing good shoes also means moving more because physical activities help prevent falls. Consult your loved one’s doctor and ask if things like tai chi, walking, or working out in water would be beneficial.

Implement Simple Safety Measures

Seniors often slip or fall while engaged in daily activities. Caregivers should conduct a safety assessment to look for potential fall hazards. Recommendations based on that safety assessment might include things like:

– Store things you reach for every day within easy reach.

* Clear walkways of cords, boxes, and newspapers.

* Secure loose carpets with double-sided tape or a slip-resistant backing.

* Use non-slip mats in the bath or shower and use a shower chair while in the shower to allow you to sit.

Watch for Behavioral Signs

Caregivers for seniors may also notice that behavioral changes in seniors that increase fall risk. Difficulty getting up from a chair, holding on to someone else while walking or holding on to walls are all signs that a senior could benefit from physical therapy.

If you’re looking for a caregiver to help a senior avoid falls and manage safety at home, contact Polish Care Services. Our staff of care experts will be happy to assist you. Reach out to us today!

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