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Caring for Seniors: Music and Health Benefits for Seniors

Dec-15-2020 | Uncategorized,

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Caring for Seniors: Music and Health Benefits for Seniors

Music is beneficial for everyone. There’s always a song that makes each person that hears it feel something. But for seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, it is especially beneficial. It allows them to access parts of their mind that might be unreachable otherwise. Here’s how music helps seniors when they need it the most.

What Music Therapy Does

Music therapy is part of what some experts refer to as entertainment. When people start to listen to music, it allows them to focus on it and feel more relaxed. This facilitates better physical and emotional processing so that everything from medications to feeling emotions is more effective. It’s used in care settings to help bring about change for therapeutic reasons, spiritual ones, or emotional ones.

This is why music therapy is used in a wide variety of care settings including long term care communities, rehab centers, hospice, and in home senior care. It helps people manage conditions like chronic pain and Alzheimer’s disease. In Finland, doctors studying its effects found that survivors of a stroke who listened to music every day improved their auditory memory, mood, verbal memory, and focus.

How Music Therapy Helps Seniors with Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Melody has a profound effect on people with Alzheimer’s and dementia and it is like a medicine for seniors with these conditions. Some studies have shown increased eye contact, communication, and happiness. It’s also shown that elderly people are less fatigued and that music helps regulate sleep, due to higher melatonin levels, if music is listened to regularly. Seniors are more likely to walk further when exercising and keep a better pace as well.

For those in the later stages of the disease, music therapy has shown to decrease stress and agitation while increasing relaxation and responses.

Caregiver Benefits from This Therapy

Caregivers also benefit from music therapy. Listening to songs with seniors who have Alzheimer’s or dementia helps lighten the mood. Plus it creates a connection with the client or loved one and helps the two communicate without needing to use words. Caregivers can use music to make the daily routine they go through with clients or loved ones easier by creating a connection. Most importantly, music helps improve the bond between caregiver and elder that can fray due to stress.

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