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Caring for Seniors: Making the Holidays Special for Seniors

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The holidays are all about spending time with friends and family. But it is not uncommon for this

time of year to be difficult for older loved ones. Distance from family, loss, and ongoing medical

issues may make celebrating the holidays more difficult. This article discusses how to make this

upcoming holiday season special for seniors.

Activities to Celebrate the Holiday at Home

There are multiple ways to start celebrating the holidays at home. Consider making pomanders

with oranges and cloves. A long-term caregiver can assist with this activity by helping to create a

ring of cloves using a rubber band and a wooden skewer to create the pattern. Listen to some old

favorite holiday tunes while working.

When grandchildren come over or make a video call, prompt them to ask about some of your

loved one’s favorite holiday memories. When the weather turns chilly, think about having a nice

chat over coffee or tea. Perhaps this chat can happen while cookies bake in the oven. Don’t

forget the cards. Have an older loved one write them and then address the envelopes on

their behalf, or vice versa.

Activities Outside the House

Getting out into the community and spending time with others is a great way to spend the holiday

season. Prioritize activities that are outdoors and avoid crowds this year to make sure older loved

ones stay safe. Drive around the neighborhood and admire the decorations and light

displays that neighbors set up. If the weather is suitable and not too cold, think about taking a walk

to the park or around the block.

Merchants are encouraging people to shop for holiday gifts early this year. If an older loved one

wants to shop in person, go early to avoid the crowds, or find out if stores hold special senior


Remember to pace all home and outside holiday activities to meet a senior’s needs. If your loved

one would benefit from extra help this holiday season, consider hiring a live-in caregiver from

Polish Care Services. Reach out to us today.

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