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Caring for Seniors: Card and Puzzle Games Benefits for Seniors

Oct-27-2020 | Uncategorized,

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Exercising your mind is just as important as exercising your body. This is especially true as people get older. One way to keep the mind active while having fun is to play board, card and puzzle games. Here’s how such games help the mind stay sharp and entertained simultaneously in long term care.

Come Together

Card and puzzle games are activities that bring people together. Being able to play a game with a friend or family member brings a sense of purpose to the gathering and can help seniors feel less isolated and alone. They’re able to connect to other people, share stories with one another and build on relationships. Such games also have the impact of reducing anxieties about social situations.

Improving Brain Function

Studies show that seniors who participate in activities like playing cards and doing puzzles regularly can improve their brain function because it engages memory, reasoning, and mental speed.

Games to Play

Call to Mind is a card and board game that focuses on communication. It was developed for people in the early stages of dementia. Its purpose is to help seniors remember things from their past and strengthen those memories. It’s also one way to get to know other people.

Jigsaw puzzles utilize multiple parts of the brain which is why they are beneficial for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. They require creativity and logic to solve and help to exercise short-term memory. Simple pictures with distinct shapes are recommended. Puzzles can even be made of pictures from a person’s favorite memories.

PicLink is a type of puzzle and card game. It uses tiles with photos on them to help encourage conversation and memory building for people who have dementia. It’s a simple game so it may be too simple for some seniors. But it’s one of the very few options out there for people who can’t do complex tasks.

Shake Loose a Memory is a type of card game. Players keep cards if they have a memory listed on the card like gardening. Then it asks a specific question about that subject. It encourages players to share memories and stories they haven’t thought about for a while. The game encourages seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia to communicate more.

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