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Caring for Seniors: Benefits of a Longterm Live In Caregiver

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Hiring a caregiver for your loved one is not an easy decision. It often comes with questions such as what type of care do they need, and how often does the caregiver need to come? Live in caregivers provide a constant level of care and are with your loved one constantly since they live in the house with them. If you’re thinking about whether live-in care is the right option for your loved one, keep reading to learn about its benefits.

Better Care and Reliability

One of the most common problems seniors face when they need longterm care is having a caregiver they can count on to be there. Caregivers who live outside the home and care for other clients may miss a shift from time to time. Live in caregivers don’t have this problem since they are with their clients constantly, except for time off. They also provide better care to their clients overall because the caregiver will get to know them over time and give them the personalized care they deserve.


Bringing a caregiver into the home to care for an older loved one is a major step, especially if you live further away and cannot be there for your loved one. Finding the right live in caregiver helps ease these concerns. Having a constant companion around the home will provide reassurance for an older adult and assure you that your loved one is receiving the care they need. Additionally, if they have an accident, someone will be there to help them immediately.

Maintain Independence

Seniors often fear that bringing in a caregiver will mean losing their independence. Hiring a live in caregiver will help them preserve their independence instead of losing it. Because a caregiver who lives with their client gets to know them personally, they will assist only when your loved one needs help. Over time, they will understand how their client lives at home, what they can do independently, and what they struggle with.

To learn more about the benefits of long-term caregivers who live with clients, reach out to Polish Care Services. Our staff of care experts will be happy to find the right care match for your loved one.

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