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A Caregiver’s Guide To Helping Seniors Find A New Home

Feb-18-2018 | Companion Caregiver, In Home Care, Uncategorized,

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As people get older, that big family house may not work anymore. Many seniors have trouble dealing with all the empty space in that house, nevermind keeping it clean and maintained. Then there’s the financial situation. Even if the mortgage is paid off, there are still taxes owed on rooms that may not be used anymore.

As a caregiver to seniors, you can help them find a new home when the time comes. From helping on moving day to making needed renovations, there’s a lot you can do. To begin, you need to look into different housing options for the seniors.

Finding The Right House

It’s not like housing has changed a lot since the seniors bought their house, but their lives are different now. They don’t have kids to house, and as they get older, mobility and safety can become problems for them. That’s why you need to help them explore their housing options. lists three popular housing options for seniors: Condos, townhomes, and senior communities. While single-family homes are always an option, smaller homes are usually better. There’s less space to keep clean and have trouble with.

When picking a place, be sure to look at the local amenities. For example, a senior community can provide social experiences and even medical support when needed. Besides that, the new place should have senior-friendly door handles, shallow steps, and proper lighting.

A Smooth Moving Day

Once you’ve helped the seniors find a great place to move into, then comes the hard part: The actual moving. Packing and transporting everything can be both physically and emotionally exhausting.

To help make this day go more smoothly, A Place For Mom recommends that you help sort and organize their belongings. Treasured keepsakes can be packed but donate anything that hasn’t been used in a while. There’s no reason to move that VCR or exercise bike if they’re just collecting dust. A yard sale would also be a great idea here.

As you declutter the seniors’ old home, start packing early. Waiting for the last weekend before the move will just increase everyone’s stress and lead to mistakes. Instead, help the seniors pack a little bit at a time.

Making Needed Renovations

The point of finding a new place and packing up the old one is to help the seniors. But what if you cannot find the perfect home? You can still help the elders move there by planning some home improvements.

The New York Times reports that an easy but important addition is the grab bar. These can be installed in the bathroom, bedroom, or anywhere the seniors might need a little help getting up. In addition, seniors often have problems with vision and balance as they grow older. That means adding some new lighting, painting high-contrast colors, and even taping down rugs can all help the seniors be safer in their new home.

Kitchens are another place where seniors might need some help. According to  HomeAdvisor, the average price of a a major kitchen remodel is approximately $22,000, though smaller renovations may be under $5,000. However, the benefits can be tremendous — and it can help protect seniors from accidents and injuries.

They Deserve The Help

As a caregiver, there are ways you can help seniors find a new home. Start by exploring new housing options, and help them declutter before moving day. With some remodeling and renovations, you can turn almost any home into one perfect for seniors.

Credit: June Duncan for Polish Care Services

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