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Aging in Place Senior conversation

How to Help Your Elderly Parents Age in Place


Many older adults prefer to stay in their own homes as they age, rather than move to a senior living facility or another location. This is known as age in…

Benefits for the Elderly and Disabled

AI Benefits for the Elderly and Disabled


Although there is so much consternation and hype, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can benefit the elderly and disabled population in many ways. Some of the benefits include: Health monitoring and assistance…

Caregiver assisting an elderly lady

The Benefits of a Caregiver Agency


Caregiving is a rewarding but challenging job that requires compassion, patience, and skill. Many people who need assistance with daily living tasks, such as seniors, people with disabilities, or people…

Resources to Help Seniors Who Have Few Relatives Nearby

Resources to Help Seniors Who Have Few Relatives Nearby


Aging brings many challenges as well as joys. While it’s generally good fortune to have a long life, it’s even better if you have family nearby to offer help and…

long term care

Types of Care Options for Seniors: Long Term Care Option


What is Long Term Care? Long-term care is comprised of a wide range of support services provided over an extended time period. Long-term care is not limited solely to the…

5 Tips to Help First-Time Caregiver Manage Their Responsibilities


Being a first-time caregiver can be an incredibly rewarding experience. However, it can also be overwhelming. This could be due to caregiver anxiety which makes you feel uncertain regarding the…

Is It Time to Move Closer to Your Senior Relative? How to Tell


It can be hard to be apart from your family as they age. You might be thinking about moving closer to a senior relative who lives in another city or…

How Seniors Can Handle Common Health Care Challenges


According to statistics, senior citizens use medical services far more frequently than younger people. Unfortunately, though, senior citizens often face major challenges as they navigate the health care system. Medical errors,…

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